The “GreenPosts Assessment Tool” is a tool to help posts to better understand the steps needed to do a quality assessment on their level of compliance and contribute towards the targets of the European Green Deal. By following this process beneficiaries will learn what they need to KNOW and what they need to CHANGE in order to improve their performance in this area. This Methodology is primarily intended for use by post offices’ staff. The Assessment Tool satisfies the need for daily actions geared towards the prevention of climate change. Local post offices are well placed to drive and influence action on climate change through the services they deliver. Under PR1, the partnership underlines the idea that a certain set of minimum standards should always be maintained, regardless of the differences among local posts.

The Assessment Tool is expected to have an overall impact on posts’ staff, who must decide which actions should be taken in order to prevent climate change, improving people’s lives. Through the Assessment Tool will be aware of the policies and practices regarding the environmental and climate goals in Europe. Also, their role and their position in posts will be better represented, due to the improvement of their knowledge levels considering the environmental goals. Thus, they will acquire a better understanding and recognition of their skills and qualifications in Europe and beyond, by being introduced to approaches toward the Assessment Tool, which helps in developing a unified EU network.

Assessment Tool could be transferred also to other EU countries and stakeholders from all around the world, particularly through the project’s website and the social media networks, improving the well-being and prosperity of EU citizens, while protecting nature and the climate in Europe.

Implemented activities

A1: Design and development of Assessment Tool – In order to prepare the Assessment Tool we investigate the rules, priorities, principles, institutional approaches and best practices in the frame of the EGD at the local level.

A2: Piloting of Assessment Tool and collection of Best practices – Each partner made 5 interviews with post office staff in order to pilot the Tool and at the same time collected best practices and policies from each partner country regarding the actions which local post offices have taken about climate change. The interviews conducted face-to-face.

A3: Synthesis Report with Best Practices

A4: Fine-tuning of the Assessment Tool

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