The aim of this Project Result is the creation of a new model for Think Tank (Virtual), including all relevant stakeholders who wishes to acquire information on new skills and competences about how to promote environmental actions in local levels, training opportunities, information about the training courses and handbooks, EU funding opportunities for the sector etc. The “Virtual Think Tank” is a supportive tool to The European Climate Pact which aims to engage posts in action for our climate and environment.

The “Virtual Think Tank” system will help the target groups aspiring to become better professionals in their working placements, focus on SDGs and European Green Deal, by providing information, training and assistance in one location. It is an interactive tool which will also include information about the Project and its outcomes. The “Virtual Think Tank” allow them to stay connected, boost innovation and stay up to date with current industry environmental trends. Furthermore, the Virtual Think Tank provide an online network for local posts. Also, it is an opportunity for posts to collaborate and overcome modern challenges facing climate change.

“Virtual Think Tank” include the e-learning component of the Training Courses, certificate generation as well as the Assessment Tool.

Impact: This project result is the tool which is designed and become functional on-line, providing the opportunity to the target group and the general public to receive all the necessary information for acquiring new skills and competences.

Transferability/Innovative: This output represents one of the main digital innovative technological components of the project. In specific, the partners worked together to set up the Virtual Think Tank in such a way as to give the possibility to post offices’ staff and any other person to interact effectively, exchange information, disseminate and put into use the tools developed under PR1, PR2, PR3, PR4.

The “Virtual Think Tank” brings together players, at local and regional level, by creating a broad transnational network focusing on improving skills and competences for post offices’ staff according to environmental and climate goals in each partner city/region.

Implemented activities

A1: Design, development and translation of “Virtual Think Tank” functions and content

A2: Drafting Sustainable Virtual Think Tank Manual

A3: Piloting and fine-tuning the Virtual Think Tank


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