2. Transnational meeting of project partners 

Bulgarian Post hosted the 2nd Transnational Meeting of the GreenPosts Project Steering Committee, which took place on July 11th and 12th, 2022 in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia.
The meeting was opened by Plamen Kostov, director of international affairs and project coordinator of the Bulgarian Post, emphasizing the importance of such projects in the role of the transition of postal operators to sustainable business and the fulfillment of the goals of the European Green Plan.

Virtual ThinkTank
After the opening speech and thanks for the welcome, Ivana Filipović, from the Croatian post and the project manager, reported on the progress of the project implementation, what has been done so far and what awaits us, as well as the deadlines within which the project activities should take place. The structure of the course and the platform were mostly discussed in order to make them as accessible as possible to the participants. It was agreed that quizzes will be used after each module to check how well the participant has mastered the content.
At the meeting, the content and form of the online forum (Virtual Think Tank) was presented, which will be an integral part of the project’s website and where project materials will be published, as well as all other important information that can help the implementation and achievement of the project’s goals. Registered members of the forum will be able to discuss the project and topic GreenPosts deals with and the application of the European Green Plan to sustainable business in the postal sector.

Nine modules
The second day of the transnational meeting began with an overview of the ongoing dissemination activities and the planning of future dissemination strategies in accordance with the obligations of the Fund Allocation Agreement.
In order to achieve the 2nd project result as best as possible, it is necessary to create a Course Guidelines in which the structure of the course will be determined as well as the layout of the material itself, emphasized I. Filipović. The structure of the nine modules, as many as the main pillars of the European Green Plan, was also agreed upon. Each module will consist of four documents; description, script, PPT presentation and questionnaire.
The transnational meeting ended with an agreement on the preparation of an annual report to the National Agency on the implementation of the GreenPosts project and plans for the next meeting.

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