The third meeting of project partners was held to evaluate the results so far and the implementation plan for further project activities

The regular, third transnational meeting of partners on the Erasmus+ project GreenPosts was held on January 12 and 13, 2023 in the capital of Greece, Athens. The host of the meeting was ELTA, the Hellenic post office, whose representative greeted the partners and opened the meeting. The topics of the meeting of the partners from the Croatian, Greek, Cypriot and Bulgarian post offices and the company Future Needs were the review of the first year of project implementation and the implementation plan of activities to achieve project results 3 and 4. It was concluded that the project is being implemented according to plan and that the project result is 1 ., creation of synthesis report, and project result 2., creation of modules and lessons, i.e. course, completed. Preparatory activities for project result 3 were also done, followed by the recording of interviews and videos with relevant experts from partner organizations. This was discussed in more detail after the representative of the Hellenic Post informed the participants of the meeting with the aim of project result 3.

“Green” ambassadors

The representative of the Croatian Post presented the idea of what the learning/teaching/training activity that will take place in Zagreb should look like. At the planned three-day activity, which is also an education, the goal is to educate and familiarize several experts from each partner organization with the goals of the GreenPosts project, that is, the measures of the European Green Deal. After the training, the participants will become “green” ambassadors who will pass on what they have learned to employees and colleagues and encourage them to take action aimed at achieving the common European goal – reducing the negative impact on the environment and climate.

On the second day of the meeting, the partners visited the sorting center of the Hellenic Post, where they could see how some measures of the European Green Deal are already being applied in practice. First of all, the implementation of measures refers to the sorting of waste and the introduction of digitization in order to reduce the use of paper and speed up the delivery process.

At the end of the meeting, the partners discussed and exchanged ideas and experiences about the already applied measures of the European Green Deal in their organizations, as well as the 8 steps that the UPU marked as necessary to achieve climate neutrality.

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