The GreenPosts multiplier event took place on October 12th 2023  in Velika Gorica, Croatia. The goals and results of the project were presented in the hall in the New Sorting Center of Croatian Post.

The participants, employees of the Croatian Post and representatives of several ministries, educational institutions, local communities and companies had the opportunity to see video stories about the successful implementation of the European Green Deal in the postal sector, as well as the planned activities that will be undertaken in order to achieve the goal of climate neutrality of Europe.

Information exchange

The event is also designed as an interactive exchange of information and experiences. Participants whose activities are not closely related to the postal sector, but operate in one of the “green” areas, got a “broader” picture of how much the post office can be a significant stakeholder in the green transition and how they can help with their ideas, innovations or adoption of rules in the realization of the common “green” goal. They also got access to free education through the project website, which, although designed for the postal sector, is also applicable in any other organization that wants to educate its employees about the measures of the European Green Deal and the role they can play in achieving climate neutrality.

During the conversation after the project activities and results presentation, the participants also expressed their interest in future cooperation on the implementation of the EGD, and they rated the event itself highly.

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